Category: JoolTube

04 Jan 2019

Watch Raiz Space mess around with the Kerbalism mod in KSP 1.6 while playing Career Mode.

02 Jan 2019

Founded on 2004, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic managed to perform its first successful spaceflight a few weeks ago with SpaceShipTwo Unity. An amazing feat to say the least, but Kerbin did it first…. Watch YouTuber Jett Quasar do a  science crew transfer to the Kerbin International Space Station (KISS) aboard a SpaceShipTwo Unity analogue. Not bad at all…

15 Dec 2018

Turbo Pumped launched a monstrous craft into orbit in 10G with stock parts…Crazy!

04 Dec 2018

Randy Dobson talks about the 5 things he learned about Orbital Mechanics from KSP and also the basics of orbiting. Very interesting!