Today, we wanted to share with you the name for the studio dedicated to the Kerbal Space Program 2′s development: Intercept Games

Here is an explanation of how the name came to be by its originator and Lead Designer on KSP 2, Shana Markham:

You could argue that intercepting planets is the goal of Kerbal Space Program. You’re trying to figure out how to get this comparatively tiny rocket to meet up with a planet that’s moving crazy fast through an infinite space without running out of fuel or ripping itself apart. It’s a scary prospect. It’s a thrilling prospect.


Developing for KSP 2 evokes the same feelings. We’ve got a beloved game that we want to do right by. We want current fans to find something to love all over again. We want new players to discover this gem of a game and learn something about our own universe in the process.


Fortunately, an intercept course is planned. It doesn’t leave things to chance. We have industry veterans, and we have a team that is passionate about the product. We have experts we consult, and we’re working alongside Squad even as they’re continuing development of KSP. We have a committed publisher who is willing to take some big steps to ensure that the product that we send out into the world is the best that we can make.


The name reminds me that the day to day of development can feel scary, but we’re set up for success.