Squad Games - Mexico City

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Intercept Games - Seattle, WA

The KSP2 Development Team is looking for people to fill the following positions below. To apply, please click on the respective link in each description.

Software Engineer II

Intercept Games is looking for a software engineer who will be responsible for delivering major components of our game software, working alongside a team of engineering professionals. You are a clear and crisp communicator, a team player, and you excel at being a solid, high-standards developer. Working alongside our Senior Engineers and your teammates, you will drive the design of your software feature areas, and deliver stable, performant, maintainable implementations that meet the requirements set by our game design team. You’ll make deep contributions to essential technologies that make our product unique, and you will demonstrate good practices in code reviews, documentation, testing, and quality software implementation. You will collaborate with the engineering and design teams, build necessary tools, work with QA, and deliver amazing software that drives us to shipping a game that our players will love.

For more information and to apply for this position, click here.

QA Tester

Intercept Games is seeking a QA tester who will work closely with all other disciplines on the development team to verify KSP 2 is built as intended and at high quality.  This role will communicate with team members, attempt to break everything they touch, and make sure players have as smooth an experience as possible from the floor of Kerbin to the farthest reaches of space!

For more information and to apply for this position, click here.

Software Engineer Intern

As a Software Engineer Intern, you’ll be expected to ramp up quickly on the existing code base, work with the Design team to understand the customer experience, and then write high quality, stable, performant code to deliver a complete end-to-end feature during your time on the team.  This is an opportunity to learn about cross-platform development with hands-on experience, and gain an understanding of being part of a professional game team with hundreds of collective years of experience and several dozens of professionally shipped titles under their belts. You’ll walk away having contributed a differentiating feature to a big-budget, high profile game, and having grown your professional software engineering skills in the process.

For more information and to apply for this position, click here.

UX Designer Intern

Intercept Games is searching for a UX Designer Intern that will fight for the User, be their voice, and advocate for their needs. As a UX Designer Intern, you will collaborate with the UX Team and various teammates across all departments to design, develop, and improve upon KSP2’s many features.

For more information and to apply for this position, click here.

Remuneration based on regional standards.