Squad Games - Mexico City

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Intercept Games - Seattle, WA

The KSP2 Development Team is looking for people to fill the following positions below. To apply, please click on the respective link in each description.

Software Engineer II

Intercept Games is looking for a software engineer who will be responsible for delivering major components of our game software, working alongside a team of engineering professionals. You are a clear and crisp communicator, a team player, and you excel at being a solid, high-standards developer. Working alongside our Senior Engineers and your teammates, you will drive the design of your software feature areas, and deliver stable, performant, maintainable implementations that meet the requirements set by our game design team. You’ll make deep contributions to essential technologies that make our product unique, and you will demonstrate good practices in code reviews, documentation, testing, and quality software implementation. You will collaborate with the engineering and design teams, build necessary tools, work with QA, and deliver amazing software that drives us to shipping a game that our players will love.

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