Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Shared Horizons Update is now available on consoles! Enjoy KSP’s latest major update, where we have partnered with the European Space Agency (ESA) to bring you brand new content, including the ESA space-suit texture, new parts and variants, and two of their most iconic and groundbreaking missions into the game. Gear up, fuel up and prepare to share horizons with ESA and KSP!

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Shared Horizons is aimed to continue with our efforts to enrich the KSP experience. Build a kerbalized version of the renowned and powerful Ariane 5 heavy launch vehicle, visit comets and push the limits of space exploration with a host of new additions to the game that not only will give you more things to do, but also includes a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. And that’s not all; as a pretty neat bonus, we have included all of the parts that were added in the PC’s Moar Boosters update!!!  These include, the RE-M3 “Mainsail” Liquid Fuel Engine and the S2-17 “Thoroughbred” Solid Fuel Booster, among several others!

Let’s go through some of the update’s highlights below:

ESA Missions

Thanks to our collaboration with ESA, put yourself to the test and carry out KSP versions of the historic BepiColombo and Rosetta missions! Drop a lander module on the surface of a comet and visit the innermost planet of the solar system to study its magnetosphere and surface characteristics, all in the name of science. Best of all, the History and Parts Pack and Breaking Ground expansions are not required to play these missions!


In order to make the Rosetta mission possible, comets now roam the Kerbolar  System. With beautiful tails and larger dimensions than regular asteroids, comets appear in all game modes and can be taken on in new career mode contracts to detect and visit them. Be vigilant… you might even see one that is passing through from interstellar space!

New Parts and Variants

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Shared Horizons includes several new parts and variants to match ESA’s style! Decorate your vehicles with a variety of flag parts that can be attached to your liking, take the brand new Magnetometer Boom along with the MTO and MPO to carry out scientific experiments on Moho or beyond, or capture asteroids and comets with the Advanced Grabbing Unit Jr., a smaller more versatile version of the “Klaw”. Additionally, there are also new variants of some tanks, SRBs, the “Poodle” Liquid Fuel Engine, and decouplers; plus, fairings have not only new variants, but some updated functionality as well.

Moar Boosters!!! SRBs

A range of new solid rocket boosters have been added to the game. From the tiny .625m stack size Mite to the titanic 2.5m wide, 144ton Clydesdale, these new boosters will offer a range of versatile solid-fuel options.

And more! 

Happy launchings!