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By purchasing Kerbal Space Program, you are entitled to the following:

- Access to the software in its current state.
- Access to all updates for the software.

By 'updates' we mean software updates including content, features and bugfixes, released as a new version for the same title, before or after the official ("1.0") release of the software.

If you've purchased KSP before May 1st, 2013, you are entitled to the above, plus any Expansion Packs released for KSP.

By 'Expansion Packs' we mean software released as a separate title, but that requires and ties into the original KSP software to expand the game by adding content, features and bugfixes.

Regardless of purchase date, your purchase of KSP does not entitle you to the following:

  • Other "Kerbal" titles, such as sequels, prequels or any other works based on KSP or any subset of the KSP IP, even those that integrate with the original KSP (but do not require it).

  • Other titles released by Squad.

  • Other goods and services offered as complements to any Squad title, such as Merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc.), 3D printing, etc.

Please keep in mind:

  • Squad is not under any obligation to release any updates, expansions or titles at any time. Each release may very well be the last one.

  • Squad is under no obligation to implement any given set of features prior to the final release for KSP or any future title. All posted lists of planned features are unofficial and do not imply a promise by Squad to deliver anything listed in them.

  • Squad reserves the right to add, remove and modify content on any of its software at their own discretion, without prior notice.

  • Squad is under no obligation to maintain any level of communication with the player community, choosing to do so at their own discretion.

  • The minimum hardware specifications are posted for reference purposes only. KSP is a work-in-progress, and as such, may not perform as expected under any given hardware configuration. No refunds will be given for hardware or software incompatibility.

  • The Software is made available as-is, and may contain bugs and/or manifest undesirable behaviour. Squad does not guarantee any level of stability or performance for the Software, and takes no responsibility in the event of data loss or damage occurred as a direct or indirect result of using the software. Use at your own risk.
  • By purchasing KSP you are agreeing to everything stated in these Terms of Use.