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Kerbal Space Program – Enhanced Edition


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Kerbal Space Program - Enhanced Edition Complete

The Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Complete bundle includes the heavily-awarded and ever evolving space simulation game Kerbal Space Program as well as the History and Parts Pack & Breaking Ground expansion for a bundled discount.

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Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition

In Kerbal Space Program, take charge of the space program for the alien race known as the Kerbals. You have access to an array of parts to assemble fully-functional spacecraft that flies (or doesn’t) based on realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics. Launch your Kerbal crew into orbit and beyond (while keeping them alive) to explore moons and planets in the Kerbal solar system, constructing bases and space stations to expand the reach of your expedition.

Kerbal Space Program features three gameplay modes. In Science Mode, perform space experiments to unlock new technology and advance the knowledge of Kerbalkind. In Career Mode, oversee every aspect of the space program, including construction, strategy, funding, upgrades, and more. In Sandbox, you are free to build any spacecraft you can think of, with all parts and technology in the game.

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition and Enhanced Edition Complete bundle is optimized for console players, featuring a completely reworked user interface and new controls.

KSP Rocket

Build a Saturn V or Soyuz analogue

This bundle includes everything you need to build realistic and accurate Soyuz and Saturn V analogues, or even Frankenstein your own rocket by mixing the parts!


Paraglide on Eve

Take your Astronauts to beautiful Eve, jump from a Helicopter (yes, this bundle includes rotor and propeller parts) and paraglide with style and realistic physics with the Kerbals’ personal parachutes.


Crash-land on Duna and measure your impact with the Seismometer

There are plenty of deployable experiments that you can take with you on your missions, like ion detectors, solar panels, and weather stations among others; but our favorite is the seismometer. Imagine, that can collect science while you do one of the most fun things in KSP… crash and explode!


Build a spider-robot

This bundle includes Breaking Ground’s suite of robotic parts and the KAL-1000 programmable controller that allows you to sequence actions of parts and bind them to action groups. These simple yet powerful tools will take your creativity to new heights, so embrace the challenge and build a gigantic spider-robot, because why wouldn’t you?


Launch from the exclusive Mun Launch Site

Exclusive to the KSP Enhanced Edition, you can launch your vessels from a Mun Launch Site, along with 3 additional complexes. Choose if you want to launch directly from the VAB or SPH, but we all know that there’s nothing cooler than launching directly from the Mun.