Player Spotlight

Welcome to this months Player Spotlight! This is a monthly feature of Q&A interviews which highlight interesting Kerbal Space Program players. We will be featuring people with many different skills and life experiences such as modders, artists, streamers, teachers, engineers, and more. We started this project as an appreciation to our players and to highlight the diverse and inspirational crowd that has gathered around Kerbal Space Program.

This month we are featuring Galactic Tactic, a KSP Twitch Streamer from Europe!

Galactic Tactic Bio

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Nenie and you can find me under GalacticTactic on twitch, playing KSP and other games. Even as a small child, I was interested in everything to do with space and eventually studied physics and astrophysics. Every now and then I also do a science stream on astrophysical topics.

When and how did you first get into KSP and what was it about the game that appealed to you?

The game has been out for so long, but I only started playing it this year. For a long time I had the wrong idea about KSP and thought it was only about building rockets. It wasn't until I watched another streamer play and they had a space station and even science stations on moons that I realized my mistake. I immediately fell in love with the game and Kerbal Space Program became one of my favorite games!

What is your most memorable accomplishment/in-game moment so far?

The amazing thing about KSP is that each new milestone feels incredibly rewarding in itself. So I have many such moments. Be it my first spacewalk, Mun landing or putting my space station into orbit. Docking was extremely challenging and somehow still is. So far 2 Kerbals have been lost on my adventures and we have put up a flag in honor of these brave space pioneers. I have a Duna rover ready to go when the launch window comes. When it lands on Duna and everything works out, it will undoubtedly be another memorable moment.

What inspired you to start streaming KSP?

Every now and then, some viewers asked me if I would ever stream the game. When I finally decided to try it out I just had to stream it. The KSP community is fun and helpful so I have no regrets.

What is the most interesting thing KSP has taught you?

Patience and perseverance!

What advice would you give to other streamers?

A little help is always appreciated, but otherwise play the game the way you enjoy it and do your thing. When backseat gaming gets out of hand, you should put your foot down xD

Thank you GalacticTactic for participating in this month's player spotlight!

If you have an interesting KSP experience or want to share your work on KSP, please reach out to us!

-The KSP Team