Player Spotlight

Welcome to this months Player Spotlight! This is a monthly feature of Q&A interviews which highlight interesting Kerbal Space Program players. We will be featuring people with many different skills and life experiences such as modders, artists, streamers, teachers, engineers, and more. We started this project as an appreciation to our players and to highlight the diverse and inspirational crowd that has gathered around Kerbal Space Program.

This month we are featuring FryGuy101 from Reddit! Fryguy is an expert crafter who makes inspiring and creative crafts such as the KSP Carnival Series, the Totally Practical Rovers, and many more!

Fryguy KSP Carousel

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an IT Systems Administrator working in higher education with a one-eyed Golden Retriever and an obsession for all-things-space!

When and how did you first get into KSP and what was it about the game that appealed to you?

I first picked up the beta in 2015 and loved it immediately for helping understand the basics of orbital mechanics! Unfortunately the beta was pretty sparse so I set it aside until I ran across Scott Manley videos on KSP in 2018 and found the game had grown so much, and have been playing it since!

What is your most memorable accomplishment/in-game moment?

There’s so many! Probably my favorite was finally figuring out how to make walking robots using the KAL controller. Getting a (somewhat) smooth walking motion out of nothing but hinge angles and timing through trial and error was incredibly rewarding!

What inspired you to start creating KSP crafts?

After I found the Scott Manley videos, quickly Youtube started recommending Matt Lowne, who frequently makes his craft files available. Once I felt I wasn’t TOO embarrassingly far behind in craft making, I figured I’d share the weird and fun stuff I made!

What is the most valuable thing KSP has taught you?

Probably how much fun it is to give myself a problem to solve, big or small, and work through it. Especially figuring out solutions to smaller problems you didn’t even know existed until you started working through it!

What advice would you give to aspiring craft creators?

Just keep at it! When something doesn’t work, start by figuring out one reason why it’s not working, fix that (or try to, at least) and try again. And always be ready to revert to launch!

Fryguy totally practical Armadillo rover

Thank you Fryguy!

If you have an interesting KSP experience or want to share your work on KSP, please reach out to us!

-The KSP Team