Weekly Challenge #5

Hello Kerbonauts

This week’s challenge is Land on Duna

  • Primary: Land a vehicle (crewed or uncrewed) on Duna.

  • Stretch: Land a crew on Duna, then return them safely to Kerbin.

  • Jeb Level: Land a crew on Ike, take a picture of them with Duna visible in the background. Then land them on Duna and take a picture of them with Ike in the background. Then fly them all home to Kerbin.

  • Val Level (Watney Edition): Land an empty Kerbin return vehicle on one of Duna's polar ice caps. Land a crew somewhere other than the ice caps. Drive that crew, using either a wheeled or aerial vehicle, from the second landing site to the first one. Then return to Kerbin.

Happy Launching!