KSP2 Patch One is a Go

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The v0.1.1.0 Update for KSP2 is live!

The complete patch notes for this update can be found here. We’ve had a busy few weeks!

First, the fine print: while this patch contains a lot of big improvements, it does not fix every bug in the game! This update represents the first step in an ongoing process of improvement that will continue through Early Access. If a high-profile bug that is especially important to you has not been addressed in this patch, please keep in mind that the order in which fixes roll out is not just contingent on priority — it also depends on the complexity of the problem that's causing the bug. The KSP community has done a very good job communicating their priorities to us, and we’re working to resolve the highest-impact issues first.

Among the changes we’re most excited about (and again, check out the patch notes for the approximately 300 changes contained in this update):

  • Optimized fuel flow calculations to cut processing by up to 3x and reduce garbage by half

  • Improved joint strength for engine plate floating stack attach nodes

  • Fixed R.A.P.I.E.R. engine mode-changing issues

  • Fixed an issue that prevented loading of a saved game within an existing Campaign, caused workspaces not to load properly, and prevented saving the game

  • Fixed issue that could cause some environment objects to spawn on top of the active vessel, causing KSC and other objects to move to the origin

  • Fix for engine thrust being deflected at too high of a value when a part obstructs an engine’s exhaust (the Kraken Drive bug)

  • Fixed physics impulse occurring when an engine runs out of fuel

  • Fixed issue where some parts remain connected to/follow vessel after detachment

  • Fixed stack decouplers staying connected to the vessel when staged with certain engines that have fairings enabled

  • Fixed trajectory intercept patch not showing when captured by a Celestial Body

  • Fixed stack decouplers operating as if crossfeed is active even when PAM entry shows crossfeed disabled

We are currently aware of one new bug in Patch One: when far from the viewer, runway lights toggle off. That issue will be resolved in the next patch.

A few minor adjustments have been made to terrain around certain areas of interest (for example, collision has been restored to the bottom of the Mohole). There is a very small (but non-zero) chance that this update could cause issues with landed vehicles near those locations. If you do encounter such an issue with a saved game, you can revert to an older build to move your vehicle to safer ground.

We are hard at work on Patch Two, and have already committed some important new changes to that build (upcoming fixes in Patch Two will fix fuel line issues that prevent asparagus staging, stop the unexpected in-flight destruction of vehicles equipped with physicsless parts, and allow vessel switching in an atmosphere, among other improvements). We don’t yet have a release date for Patch Two, but it should arrive sometime in the next few weeks. We will update you here when we know more.

As always, thanks for your patience and continued support. As you know, this is a very big game, and the community’s ability to shine lights in every corner has given us much better visibility in a lot of critical areas. We hope that the performance improvements and bug fixes in today’s patch open up new opportunities for fun, and we look forward to making game even better.