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This Kerbal Space Program knowledge base contains the most common problems and questions users have. Please check here before contacting support, because we may already have an answer to your question.

Account Issues

I had a Kerbal Account but now I cannot access it, it takes me to a Private Division Account page
As of August 31, 2021, your KSP Account has been migrated to a Private Division Account. Your previous purchases are all available from within this new account, and to access them you must visit the Private Division Account portal, enter the email address you used to purchase KSP or create a KSP account with, and follow the upgrade instructions within.
I can no longer access my KSP game downloads from my Kerbal Account
As of August 31, 2021, your KSP game downloads are now available from within the Private Division Account portal. Your KSP Account used to access the game downloads has automatically been migrated to the new account system. Visit the Private Division Account portal, enter the email address you used to purchase KSP or create a KSP account with, and follow the upgrade instructions within. Once you have completed the upgrade of your account, you can access your previous purchases from within the “Game Download” section of your profile.
I’ve used the password recovery feature to reset my password, but I didn’t get any recovery email.
Please be sure to check your spam folder. We also have realized that some email providers (Verizon,,, Comcast, etc.) have blocked our domain ( and IP Address due to their strict incoming email rules. They added us to their spam lists, so you won’t receive any email from us. Send an email to KSP Support explaining your problem. They will manually reset your password and ask you to change your KSP Store Account email address. If you are using an account from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or something similar, you might want to check your spam folder before asking for help, password-recovery emails usually end up in the spam folder.
I have created a Private Division Account, but I did not receive a verification email with a code after I signed up.
Please be sure to check your spam folder as the verification email can sometimes get sent there. If the problem persists and you do not receive the verification email, please send an email to Private Division Support explaining your problem.
I bought the game on the KSP Store, but I want it on Steam. Will you give me a Steam Key?
The option to transfer KSP Store licenses to Steam is only available for those who bought KSP before it originally came out on Steam, March 20, 2013. To do so please reach out to our support team with proof of your direct purchase receipt.
I bought the game on Steam, but I want it on the KSP Store/GOG as well. Would you activate my account for download?
No, sorry, the migration will not work that way. If you bought the game on Steam, you will only have it on Steam. To get it in the KSP Store too, you will have to purchase it here. Do keep in mind that the Steam version is DRM free, so it can be played offline as well, so you’re not missing anything with the Steam version instead of the KSP Store one.
How can I receive support in a language different to English?
You can write an email to [email protected] in the language that you feel most comfortable. This does not guarantee that you will receive an answer by a native speaker of said language. This FAQ is also translated to Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Purchase Issues

Can I purchase KSP directly on the KSP Store?
You can purchase Kerbal Space Program directly from the website by clicking here and selecting the “DRM Free” version with an unlocked padlock icon. Please note you will need to log in or create a Private Division Account for this purchase option.
I never received the confirmation email after I purchased the game.
This is due to some email providers blocking our automated email server. It doesn’t really matter, all the email tells you is that everything was successful and that you can download the game by following these instructions. You can still download the game even if you didn’t receive this email.
I want a refund, what should I do?
We are unable to refund purchases. For 3rd party sites (Steam, GOG, etc.) the refund policy for the given site applies.
I bought a Gift Code and I gave it to a friend. How do we redeem it?
Please contact our support team directly at [email protected].
I paid for a Gift Code, but never received it. What do I do?
First of all, make absolutely sure it is not in your spam folder. Send an email to KSP Support, tell them what happened and be sure to attach your receipt.
If I buy the game now, will I have to buy it again for the next update?
No, if you buy the game now you won’t have to pay for further free updates. Be sure to check this information too. Expansion packs such as Making History Expansion will need to be purchased.
I saw the post stating that players who purchased the game before May 2013 will get expansions for Free. Does this apply to Steam purchases as well?
Yes, any purchase made before May 1, 2013 counts, regardless of the payment or distribution method.

Download and Installation Issues

How do I get the game if I’ve already purchased it?
Log in to your Private Division Account. You will find the download links in your “Game Download” page in “My Account”. If you previously purchased Kerbal Space Program from the KSP Store prior to August 25, 2021 you will need to upgrade your Kerbal Account to a Private Division Account by visiting here to access your game downloads. Here are more in-depth instructions.
How do I update the game to the most recent version?
You can download the updater file from your account page as well. See the previous question for in-depth instructions.
The download link is not shown in my Products Purchased list and I’ve already completed the transaction.
Do note that it may take a few minutes for the link to show up. If the link has not appeared after one hour since your purchase, send your Paypal Receipt to KSP Support with a brief explanation. This will prove you bought the game and it will be easier to solve the problem.
When I try to download, I get a “Server Migration” error.
Please, be sure to not refresh or add any URL directly on your browser. Sometimes you can experience a disconnection from your internet and that cuts the download process. Go back to your Private Division Account page and click the download button to start the process again. Also, try downloading the game from a different web browser.
I try to open the game on Mac and the following message comes up: “KSP can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”
You have to change your Gatekeeper settings please look here to see how you do that.
My game crashed, what do I do so it won’t crash anymore?
For starters, please check the Self Help for Crashes article, if your issue is not covered send your crash dumps to KSP Support so they can figure out what this is about. Do notice that we will only be able to provide support if you are not using mods.
Is it possible to download old versions of KSP?
We have the last version from each development cycle since 1.0 available for download. If you purchased a Digital Download version of the game from the KSP Store, they can be found within your Private Division Account under the Game Download section of your profile, you can login to your account here. On Steam and GOG, you must download them as Betas, in the respective tab of the desktop application. It’s not possible to officially download versions prior to 1.0. If you have more questions, you can submit a support ticket here.
The game for Windows doesn’t run. It says “There should be a KSP_Data folder next to the executable”. What do I do?
This most likely due to you having moved the KSP executable, (KSP.exe). You are not supposed to move anything out of the KSP root folder KSP_win). If you did move it, please try putting it back, then everything should work. Another cause may be you trying to run the exe file directly inside the zip file, you have to extract all the contents first. We recommend you use the installer rather than the zip file for an easier experience.
The game for Mac just bounces on the dock, but never actually opens. What now?
Follow these instructions: Right click (ctrl+click or whatever) the file and select the ‘Show package contents’ option Navigate to the Contents->MacOS folder, inside it you should find a Kerbal Space Program exec file Open the Terminal and type ‘sudo chmod +x’ (without the quotes, note the blank space at the end) and drag and drop the exec file from the previous point from the Finder to the Terminal, hit enter The Terminal will ask for your password, the mac password, not the KSP one. It will seem as though you were not typing, but you are. Hit enter after you finish typing. If the Terminal doesn’t give an error message, you should be able to just double click from the Finder to start the game.
I try to open the game on macOS and I either get a black screen or a lot of stuttering. How can I play KSP on macOS?
This is due to low-level changes introduced by Apple in the latest version of macOS, 10.13 High Sierra. See the announcement on our support forum for more information and workarounds.

Gameplay Issues

The game gets to a screen with a slideshow, a loading bar and some clever game tips, but it’s stuck there, the loading bar doesn’t move. What can I do?
This most likely due to you having moved the KSP executable, ( for mac or KSP.exe for windows). You are not supposed to move anything out of the KSP root folder (KSP_win or KSP_osx folder). If you did move it, please try putting it back, then everything should work. Also, keep in mind that sometimes mods break the game causing it to fail to load. If this started happening after you installed mods to your game you may want to remove them. If none of the above is the problem contact us to get another solution.
I installed mods on a previous version and since the game updated, it's now acting weird or flat out crashing. Why is this?
Mods are very likely to break from one update to another, we suggest you delete your mods and wait for the mod maker to officially state that they work with the newer version before downloading and installing them again. Or roll-back the update to the previous version where you know mods work fine. Instructions to do that on Steam can be found here. For the KSP Store, since updating is on-demand, if using mods it’s recommended to hold from updating to a new major version until you know all the mods have been updated. If you already updated and want to roll back, downloading the previous version installer and using it over the same folder should do the trick.
When I start the game, I get a strange error that says “GetThreadContext Failed” and the game crashes.
This is most likely about a background program interfering with the execution, the prime suspect is an Antivirus, but it may be something else. Try turning the Antivirus off and see if the game starts okay. It should also help to update your graphics drivers and/or Video BIOS.
Will Kerbal Space Program be released in other languages?
Yes! On PC, KSP is already available on Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese and Italian. On consoles, we’re continually exploring the possibility of further language updates to Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition, and will update the community with any news.

Console Issues

Is KSP going to be released in major game consoles?
Yes, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is now available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
If I purchased the PC version of KSP can I get any of the console versions for free?
No, sorry, the console ports are separate products and must be purchased separately.
If I buy the PS4/Xbox One version of KSP will I also get the PC version?
No, sorry, each console version and the PC version have to be purchased separately.
How do I purchase and download a console port of KSP?
In order to purchase the KSP on PS4 and/or Xbox One you have to go into the Xbox One or the PlayStation Store and search for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition. Once there, select the game and follow the instructions to complete your purchase. The game will be added to your downloads. Once the download and installation are completed, you can start launching your Kerbals into orbit.
How do I redeem the Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition for free if I own the previous version.
Follow the instructions outlined in the announcement in our official forum. Do notice that this will only work if you didn’t ask a refund for the previous version at any point.


I want to use KSP for a school, museum or another educational related project. May I?
Yes, Kerbal Space Program encourages ‘Space Education’. We partnered with TeacherGaming and created ‘KerbalEdu’ for schools. To learn more about 'KerbalEdu', send a ticket to our Support team, and we can further assist you.
I cannot access the Forums/Spaceport or the KSP website. What should I do?
Send an email to KSP Support explaining the situation and don’t forget to tell them your IP address, if you don’t know it you can get it from here.
When is the next release coming?
Short answer: When it’s ready. Long answer: It is very hard to estimate a release date for any software product because unexpected things happen all the time, that’s why we don’t give release dates, not even estimates. We used to do it before but we could hardly ever release on the promised date, which caused people to get upset, and since we don’t want to disappoint you, but above all we don’t want to rush a release of a potentially buggy and untested product, we’ll keep the timeline to ourselves and release the game updates when we feel they are presentable to public. Follow us on our social media for any other updates.