Kerbal Space Program  1.12.4
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 CAddonLoaderClass to spawn addon entry point components
 CAlarmActionsStructure of actions to be taken when an alarm is triggered
 CAlarmClockScenarioScenario manager for the Alarm Clock System
 CAlarmClockSettingsAlarm Clock Settings for persistence
 CAlarmClockSettingsUIThis is the settings page for gameplay settings. For the main settings database, see GameSettings.cs
 CAlarmClockUIAlarmRowA row to display the alarm in the main App window
 CAlarmClockUINextAlarmA row to display the alarm in the main App window
 CAlarmMapNodeButtonThe button attached to a map node object that lets you add an alarm from map
 CAlarmTypeFlightNodeBaseThis is a base alarm type to be used for map nodes like Ap, Pe, SOI change
 CAppUIMasterThe "Loader" for AppUI controls used in apps for generic bits
 CAttachNodeSnapshotRepresents the state of an attachment node
 CAxisFieldLimitData Structure for the IAxisFieldLimits interface
 CAxisKeyBindingCombine analog axis binding and plus/minus key bindings
 CAxisKeyBindingListHandle an array of axis/key bindings
 CBaseActionA part action
 CBaseActionListList of all defined part actions
 CBaseEventA part action
 CBaseEventDetailsA wrapped list of key/value pairs which may be passed to an action
 CBaseEventListList of all defined part actions
 CBaseFieldPaw default base field implmentation, this uses KSPField integration and UI_Control handeling.
 CBaseField< K >Container class, this contains the reference to the KSPField attribute and the affected host object
 CBaseFieldListPaw default BaseField implementation, this uses KSPField and BaseField default implementations.
 CBaseFieldList< R, K >This class handles and array of BaseFields attributes of a single object.
 CBaseGameEventBase class for all events.
 CBasePAWGroupClass defining Groups on PAW objects for grouping
 CBiDictionaryOneToOne< TFirst, TSecond >This is a dictionary guaranteed to have only one of each value and key. It may be searched either by TFirst or by TSecond, giving a unique answer because it is 1 to 1.
 CCapabilityRepresents a capability of a class to do various things. Contains a category, optional name and list of values
 CCIBuildScriptThis is used on Jenkins.
 CCollisionAnimationHandlerThis component will store a list of Animation components in the attached GameObject and all it's children. If a Collision occurs on any collider on the object it will stop any of the animations from playing.
 CCollisionEventsHandlerThis component will try to find a script that implements the ICollisionEvents interface in the parent gameobject, and send collision event calls to it. Use this when you have colliders in child objects, but want to receive collision events on the parent.
 CColorHSVRepresentation of color in HSV model
 CColorPickerThis is the main class that handles the color picker Color Area.